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Serial OLED Module (16x2)

Once you have seen an OLED display in use you will never want to use an LCD again!

Much brighter display, much better viewing angle and lower current consumption means that OLEDs are set to become the new LCDs!

This budget serial OLED kit includes a 16x2 OLED (yellow on black) display together with a small 'serial interface' PCB fitted with a PICAXE-18M2 chip.

The on-board PICAXE-18M2 chip is provided pre-programmed with the open-source AXE133 firmware, which allows this 18M2 chip to act as a 'slave' serial driver for the OLED display. This allows your main project to display text on the serial OLED via simple serout commands, such as -

serout B.7, N2400, ("Hello")

The control codes are identical to our popular AXE033 module, so this kit can be used as an alternative to the AXE033. On this board the slave chip is a completely normal 18M2, so it can also be reprogrammed whenever you want (e.g. to change the power-up welcome message or even temporarily 'borrowed' for another project!).

The AXE133 firmware can be accessed by using File, Open Samples in the Programming Editor and selecting the "AXE133 Serial OLED.bas" file and can also be downloaded from here.

Self assembly kit including 16x2 OLED display, 18M2, PCB and all components - requires simple soldering

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